Guest Post : Applying Your Knowledge to Everyday Life 1 –> Socks

We gather much knowledge in the process of getting better at our jobs.  This explanation of one way to apply it to the meat world.  Its from Ed Pepin a man who has spent a great deal of time in the telecom world and a great advisor of mine.  


My forward error correcting sock sorting.
I buy only two types of socks at a time. […]
I have a small trash can next to my laundry basket that is for socks only. When the clean socks get low I do a load of laundry and include the dirty socks. When I sort them, if there is a uneven match or one is thrown away due to hole,. the lone sock goes into the night stand drawer and not the sock draw. When the other is found or another one loses its sibling to wear it re-enters the rotation.